We are White Hawk Products

Providing you with quality massage machines for better health and wellbeing.


Here at White Hawk we endeavour to create the best massage equipment on the market. Our goal is your satisfaction. We take into account all age groups and ailments that our products will be benefit people such as yourself. Using years of knowledge and customer feedback our Switch and Fix are designed for you and your family to get the most health benefits possible. Ergonomically designed, versatile, robust and reliable. Designed for you. 


Our strategy is simple. We aim to provide the best massage equipment to a broad spectrum of people of all ages, abilities for the prevention and relief of many different forms of ailments. Only the best components are used to manufacture our equipment you give you many years satisfaction. In addition to this we maintain a close bond with our clients, listening to you has made this possible. We believe that we manufacture the best the most reliable and powerful massage equipment.   Switch your Health and Fix your body


Here on our website is all the information that you need to understand and learn  about the health benefits of  how to Switch and Fix. We welcome any and all questions and feedback from you so feel free to send us an email, make a phone call or even send us a text if you have any further queries. We also have tutorials available on our facebook page about how to use our products to treat various parts of the body in order to provide relief, recovery and maintain your health . 


White Hawk has for years actively demonstrated our products directly to people in a multitude of various health related environments. You may have seen us at marathons, equestrian events, automotive shows and many more lifestyle related scenarios. However we also provide demonstrations to people with various health conditions as a non pharmaceutical natural freedom of movement alternative.

How we work.

1 From design to concept and production there are many factors involved in perfecting the Switch and Fix. We use many years of experience in the mechanical massage industry. Our concept is simple. Natural freedom of movement. Prevent, Maintain, Recover.

2 Our products are designed for you to achieve great results easily, regularly, effectively. In order to achieve this we have enhanced existing tried and proven forms of massage therapy. We believe in what we do. Not only are our products aesthetic in design they are inspired by you and the personal needs of our clients.  

3 Your massage made for you. We have spent a long time developing the most reliable and effective equipment for you to achieve the best possible results desired. Using only the highest quality components, ensuring that versatility and results are easy, providing comfort and relief to the body are essential to White Hawk.