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White Hawk Products regularly appear at national events such as the Ideal Home Show, Grand Designs Live, the National Triathlon Show, Classic Bike Show, International Horse Trials and many more. We also set up our stand at shopping centres around the UK. 
E-mail us at [email protected] if you have an event that you would like us to come to.

White Hawk Products promote health and wellbeing products at The National Running Show 

White Hawk Products stand at the Great British Shooting Show

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I purchased a White Hawk Switch a while back and got to say it’s been a real benefit. Best thing I’ve purchased in ages. Well worth the money. Thank you!
Mr. R. Pelling December 2020

I’m a lorry driver and have been for over 16 years. My job is very physical and has over the years taken its toll on my lower back. I would get up in the morning and have a constant pain which would progress throughout the day. I had to put my socks on sitting down and I noticed I was slowing down. Since being introduced to the White Hawk Fix, things have changed and I come home and use it after a shower 10-20 minutes every day and my constant pain is a thing of the past. I recommend anybody that has a manual/physical job that struggles with back pain or feels restricted, to give the White Hawk Fix a go. The Fix is a game changer.
Darren, November 2020

I found the Switch super easy to use, and the heat function is really nice. I use it after sports to make sure I don’t feel too sore the next day.
Oskar, July 2020

Due to Corona, I have to work from home and the Switch really helps get the knots out of the muscles and soothes my sore back. It is convenient to use whilst sitting at my desk. 
Simon, May 2020

Hi, I bought a Switch last Saturday and it has really helped with my back pain. I bought two more today to help other members in in my family. Factual, helpful and friendly staff. Thank you, 
Sarah Riad, December 2020

Hi, I have chronic pain due to bone cancer. I use the Switch for 15 minutes everyday and my constant pain is virtually gone. Thank you-

I have had a bad back for years affecting the sports I play. This device has given me a new lease of life. I use it everyday- NO PROBLEM.
Peter Gordon

I bought the therapy set 2 weeks ago, I use it everyday. I am recovering from 4 fractured vertebrae and the pain relief is fantastic. Lorry driver for 27 years.
Bruce McLennan

Arthritis pain relief, I think these products are very good and I recommend them for everyone.-Joyce Miller

I purchased the Switch and I honestly can’t believe the difference in just 5 minutes, the pain i normally experience is virtually gone. Thank you!
Mike Birmingham

I bought the Switch, when I get home I place it on my high back chair. It hits the spot and relieves my aches and pain. I definitely recommend it.



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