The Fix Massage machine
Adjustable massage with attachments

£ 199 


Thanks to its ergonomic and extremely lightweight shape the WHITE HAWK FIX will give an effective massage to nearly all body parts-be it neck, shoulders, back, legs, knees, feet or any muscles, ligaments and joints. Using the 100% silicone (BPA FREE) attachments the FIX efficiently relieves distress to your body.

Due to the adjustable speed (2600 rpm on low up to 3500 rpm on high), the FIX is one of the most powerful percussion vibration massage machines available.

The interchangeable 100% BPA free silicone heads allow the WHITE HAWK FIX to target any area of discomfort and will relax muscle in order to relieve tension whilst boosting circulation throughout the body.

The FIX provides pain relief and freedom of movement naturally.



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